About Us

“The Yap Wrap: Wear a Mask – Help Save Lives” designed by Medical Professionals – some who’ve worn surgical masks all day long.”

Created w/LOVE by Stephanie Skiles Ogata MSN, 30+ years experience ICU Specialty, Supervisor Nursing Ed; Jeff Couch OR Circulating Nurse, Archaeologist, avid Outdoorsman, Safety Instructor; JoanneHope Skiles Couch Artist, Couture Designer, Home Decor & Apparel Seamstress; Maria Skiles Designer, beloved Art Commissioner Civic Servant, Former Boardmember of the Friends of 1st CEB/USMC, Camp Pendleton, CA (Combat Engineer Batallion).

We have donated our professionally handmade, original design “Yap Wrap” Facemasks to Medical Professionals & Essential Workers.
For the general public we charge $12.95/mask in order to recoup some of our cost so we can fund our donations. 

Thank you for choosing Yap Wrap for your personal protective barrier facemasks during this time of polite #socialdistancing in order to help #flattenthecurve during this #coronavirus worldwide #pandemic.  Remember #weareallinthistogether for a #healthierfuture for all.


In February 2020, the concept of “Yap Wraps” was born as a response to the worldwide Coronavirus/COVID19 pandemic that was plaguing our world and which was now hitting the United States. Amid the first cases being reported, sisters Stephanie and Maria from Southern California would call their sister JoanneHope and her husband Jeff who live in the county outside of Lexington, Kentucky to report the devastating news breaking. Being the close-knit military family they are they responded by rallying their talents together to help combat the adverse pandemic attacking the world. We first responded by not just social distancing but self-quarantining our families to best ensure our safety, next we set our sights on how to best serve our communities with the talents we collectively have to meet the dire needs of this drastically changing world.

We ship worldwide. We are networked from Southern California with Stephanie utilizing her medical expertise for outreach and education of “The Yap Wrap”, and Maria facilitating the business transactions and donation services, fielding our Customer’s Quires and Questions. With our network in Kentucky Jeff and Joanne produce the handmade “Yap Wraps” in their (smoke-free and pet-free) sewing studio in their farm home outside of Lexington, Kentucky.  For the last 11 years they have been active members of the grassroots artisan community as “Kentucky Trifecta: Horses, Hemp, Bourbon by Handmade Hope Rags” serving professional Clients on the National Historic Register such as Shaker Village, Ashland the Henry Clay Estate, and Round Barn Stable of Memories; cultural Restaurateurs as James Beard Nominee Chef Ouita Michel and her Family of Resturants, Chef Matt Jamie of Bourbon Barrel Foods; and collaborating with local businesses as Rock House Brewing, Modern Country Couture, and Lexington Art League.  Joanne is a Couture Designer, Home Decor and Apparel Seamstress,  Artist and Art Curator who strives to make the Yap Wrap fashionable as well as functional in order to destigmatize facemask wearing and help others herald in this new world of polite, healthier hygienic social norms and graceful cultural morays.  

Our highly decorated, 23 year Army Veteran Father and 25 year Veterans Administration employee Mother taught our family the goodness of altruistic service to your fellow man, indiscriminately serving mankind by being the solution for the dire need. They taught us, “If you want to effect change then you have to go deep within yourself first to affect change in others. This world is difficult but the tenacious can position themselves to be ready to serve others when the need arises.” With this covid19 pandemic ravaging our world, now is the time to take control by doing our own parts to flatten the curve and help reconstruct this dramatically changed world into a healthier one. We can start by instituting polite social norms of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is imperative now but honestly will be heralding in the new norm for our society and our children’s future – quite frankly that is why we make “The Yap Wrap” both functional and fashionable.

All handmade in a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free clean environment in our sewing studio. After 6 prototypes Jeff, an Operating Room Circulating Registered Nurse who practically lived behind a surgical mask his whole day at work for over 10 years, finally gave his thumbs up of approval for the 7th prototype which as he put it, “Wow, we finally produced a product comparable in breath-ability to the N95, and can even be used snugly to cover the N95 so to prevent it from being soiled as what the hospital staff world-wide are being aksed to do.”  We strive to make our Yap Wraps comfortable with all new materials using Alternative Apparel “Vintage Soft” T-shirt fabric for the inner layer which is just like cuddling up with your favorite soft t-shirt for a comfy nap – our hope is this sweet detail can help ease and comfort your day. 


Our “Yap Wrap” Facemask Specifications Meets the CDC Requirements as outlined in Section “Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection, HCP use of non-NIOSH approved masks or homemade masks”.

– All 4 Layers of Breathable 100% Cotton Fabric
– Ample Breath-ability and Comfort
– Fits snuggly over N95 for ample Protection
– All New Materials
– Normal Wash in Hot Soapy Water, Normal Dry
– Now Available in Small, Medium and Large

1st Layer: Outer Layer is Tightly Woven Cotton Fabric. (The Fashionable Indian Handstamped Voile Fabric is added atop this layer)

2nd Layer: 4″ x 5″ Light Cotton Voile Pocket of two layers serged and sealed for durability, can be used as a filter pocket of your choice.

3rd Layer: Tightly Woven Soft and Supple Alternative Apparel “Vintage Soft” T-shirt Fabric for comfort and care to your sensitive facial areas serged and sealed to streamline (NOT the bulky folded layers of fabric with a single-stich like others make) we take extra care in providing a two-straight stitch with rolled hem using 4 vibrant coordinating threads to give a smooth embroidery feel and extra commercial grad durability with our Juki Serger.

4th Layer: Added Bonus of almost 70″ top of the line 550 Paracord (7 Strand Core) for durability and ease of tying in multiple ways as per the User’s preference (top of head, back of head, back of neck, cross-over, over ponytail, over hair bun, over hoodie, over skull cap, over hat, etc).  550 Paracord can be used in multiple recreational and/or emergency situations, it’s light-weight, durable & handy; we combine the beautiful colors to compliment each Yap Wrap.